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About Sims Chiropractic Center

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Relief or wellness care… it’s your choice.

Sims Chiropractic Center was established by Dr. Douglas Sims in 2004. Hyattsville was a growing area rich in diversity, and Dr. Sims knew that the city was underserved with chiropractic and felt his skills would fit perfectly into our community. He’s pleased to serve our area, including College Park, MD & Washington DC, with a natural way to live a healthier life.

The Foundation of Everything We Do

We believe that your body has an incredible capacity to heal itself. It does so from the inside out. There are certain times in which external forces, such as medication, are necessary. The starting point, however, should always be the conservative approach—chiropractic, nutrition, rest, mindset and diet—to help the body heal.

“I am passionate about helping humankind be happier and healthier. ” – Dr. Sims

Help for All Your Concerns

Our patients make up a broad array of people, from pediatrics to geriatrics. Their health concerns vary but are often neuro-musculoskeletal in nature. Weekend warriors, gardeners, athletes and those with chronic or acute conditions are all welcome.

Once you find relief, you’ll have the choice to continue with wellness care, which most of our patients do. These maintenance visits ensure that you won’t experience a recurrence in the future, and have less chance of pain, sickness and disease.

Get Back to Your Normal Life

Too often, people think that pain is “normal.” They have slowly gotten used to it over the years until it simply became an inevitable part of their every day. We love hearing how their pain is under control; they don’t need to take medications anymore; they’re sleeping better and can concentrate in their work and personal lives.

When you don’t have barriers holding you back, you can express yourself the way you’re supposed to. The best part of our job is hearing a grandparent tell us they could take a trip they always wanted to go on or were able to go to a family barbecue and be able to dance. Let’s help you live your best life!

Our New Patient Pass

Philanthropy and giving back to our community is a vital part of who we are. We invite you to take advantage of a $40 pass that entitles you to a consultation, examination and X-rays. We’ll donate 100% of this fee to a charity of our choice. If you’ve been considering whether chiropractic is the answer for you, it’s the perfect opportunity to find out. Contact our chiropractic office today!

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